I recently advised the leadership of Nationwide News Network (NNN) of my intention to resign from the organization. I have since tendered my resignation. My final day, for the time being, hosting on NNN is January 25, 2022.

My immediate plan is to take a few months break to reflect & perhaps pursue other interests. I will then decide what is next over the medium to long term. My social media platforms, in particular my twitter account, will remain active.

I wish to thank all listeners and viewers who have contributed to my experience during my over decade long engagement with NNN. You will hear from me soon.
Appreciation is also extended to the people who have sponsored programmes I’ve had the honour of hosting.

I am grateful to the Nationwide family, including founder & CEO, Cliff Hughes, for understanding my decision and for having taken a chance over eleven years ago and given me opportunities to grow in the profession.

Without doubt, I am among those who are fortunate that Cliff’s rich legacy includes not only his significant body of work in the mass communication field but his penchant to guide and develop people, including myself, who were initially considered by some to be unlikely candidates for a career in Journalism.